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About Us.

we are the fastest growing business network in India

Our Logo.

Our Logo was personally hand crafted by the Founder and CEO of BigBusiness Mr Krishna. The Logo has 4 elements as follows :

  • The logo has 2 inverted 'B'. These alphabets are the First letter of the word Big and Business. They are in golden colour to represent gold the universal material associated to symbolize wealth
  • These 2 alphabets now form a staircase that goes upwards. They are also supposed to represent a Bar Chart
  • We had a Red Arrow that has a forward curve and pointing up. This symbolizes the growth in terms of sales and profitability
  • The red arrow is also supposed to represent a SMILE on the face of the clients when they see positive results coming out of the association with our bigbusiness company

Our Mission.

To Grow you business

Our mission is to unleash the potential, motivate, encourage and inspire our clients to excel in all areas of life with the help of Coaching and Trainings. We want to help our clients positively move forward by exploring new ways. We believe that the best opportunities are available for all.

Our Vision.

best business network in india

Our vision is to become the fastest growing and the best community of business people across India . We strive to be the preferred choice for Coaching, Training and Service point for business owners, individuals and corporates. We want to be the company that best understands the needs of our clients and helps them create their pathway to achieve the success they visualize.

A few words about us

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

It all began with our founders Mr Krishna’s dream of providing affordable solutions for struggling business owners in India

We specialize in the transformation of Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and SME business owners by providing training programs & coaching sessions to unleash their untapped potential and take them to the next level.

These programs and solutions are customized and tailor made to suit the individual needs of each clients. Our aim is to guide these business owners to reach the next level of performance and productivity with proven technologies and tools that deliver results.

Our Policy

People have been and always will be at the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe in Equality among the genders and in development of future leaders,  For us it has always been PEOPLE first and PROFIT next culture and promise that it remain so forever in the future too

Our Core Values

We always do the right thing. Treat your customers like kings, We’re obsessed with communicating, We trust in openness, honesty, integrity, courage, respect, diversity, and balance and strive to maintain High standards at everything we do. 

Panel Members.

Meet the experts

We are blessed with some of the most talented and brightest minds in the industry.  The contribution fro each of these experts mean a lot to us in building this community and in making the dream of our end users come true.

Our team is ever growing and we will be adding the list of our updated panel members very soon. There will a dedicated web page in our website for each of them so that clients can understand the works done in the past by each of our panel members, their domain expertise and also upcoming seminars to be held by these experts

We believe in Quality over quantity and that is why we have a stringent filtration process before we can enroll a panel member on our board.


Yathiraj Agarwal

profit engineer / coach

Murali Margabandhu

Coach / entrepreneur

Tejaswini Pisal

certified success coach

Santhosh Thota

DM Strategist


Be a part of our success story

Are you a qualified trainer, Business coach or Entrepreneur who wants to join our community and add value to this mass movement and enrich the life of business owners ? If the answer is YES then you are in right company. Write to us and lets discuss the possibilities of growing together and also reshaping the lives of future entrepreneurs in the process. Come, Lets collaborate and celebrate.

Let's Meet.

We hold monthly networking meetings for business people in a 3 star hotel in major cities across India. Book your seat now for the next upcoming event.

Date : 05-06-2019

Venue : Hotel Vijay Park, Arumbakkam , Chennai

CALL US AT : +919094726252