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What Is A Franchise Business ?

A business system where the rights are given to use the business logo, business model, and the name of a much established brand or company by the owners or franchisors to run it in a different location is called as Franchisee Business. In simple terms, Franchise business is the extension of an existing successful business.

The relationship between the franchisor and franchisees is contractual. There are a lot of common examples of franchise business around us. Some examples of world known franchise businesses are : Macdonald’s, Subway, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks, Dominos, and Pizza Hut etc.

Advantages of owning a Franchise Business

Risk – The biggest advantage of owning a franchise business is investing into a business which is already tested and proven. The probability of the risk regarding the profits and growth of the business is likely to be very low.

Training – When you are buying the rights to the franchise business, you also get the advantage to get trained with the technology the proven business is already using, so that you get hands-on training on the methodologies of the already tested business system.

Marketing Strategy – There are a number of marketing techniques which are required in order to run a business. Franchisor’s already working business strategies and advertising pamphlets would definitely provide you with the push and grow off the business quickly.

Support – There are all kinds of support provided by the Franchisor to the franchisee. Not only franchisors would provide support through the technologies and methods they use, in the case of support is required in resourcing a good location, franchisors are going to lend support in that context as well. The importance of a good location is realized in terms of profits which would be shared not only the franchise alone but franchisor as well.

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